Reporting issues

Please report all problems and bugs directly at the GitHub issue page In order to make it easier for me to solve the issue please follow these guidelines:

  1. In all cases specify which version of the application you are using. You can find the version number in the file CMakeLists.txt at the root of the application sources. It is also reported by CMake early in the configuration process. If the application is already installed, you can learn its version number by running

    $ python -c "from som import version; version.show_version()"
  2. If you have a problem during the installation, give me information about your operating system and the compiler you are using. Include the outputs of the cmake and make commands as well as the CMakeCache.txt file from the build directory. Please include these outputs in a gist file referenced in the issue.

  3. If you are experiencing a problem during the execution of the application, provide a script, which allows to quickly reproduce the problem. If the problem is caused by a specific set of input data, please, consider providing the corresponding data file (preferably, as a TRIQS-compatible HDF5-archive ).