1. The TRIQS toolbox version 1.4.2 (see TRIQS installation instruction). In the following, we will suppose that it is installed in the path_to_triqs directory.

Installation steps

  1. Download the sources of the solver from github:

    $ git clone som.src
  2. Create an empty build directory where you will compile the code:

    $ mkdir && cd
  3. In the build directory call cmake specifying where the TRIQS library is installed:

    $ cmake -DTRIQS_PATH=path_to_triqs ../som.src
  4. Compile the code, run the tests and install the application:

    $ make
    $ make test
    $ make install


Be careful with the cmake command above: set TRIQS_PATH, not CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX (this variable is only for the TRIQS library)!

Customizing your installation: CMake options

Options Syntax
Disable testing (not recommended) -DTests=OFF
Build the documentation locally -DBuild_Documentation=ON
Initial size of the cache to store computed LHS -DCACHE_SIZE=0x4000